Getting less personalized pages

I know I shouldn’t have fun with this, but this is the kind of Oops you’re pleased to see not happening to you

No, I’m not mistaking timeline here. Google iG was forced to go back to a backup version today, meaning users, like these screenshots below (thanks to this post comment) went back to… a Google less personalized page :-).

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Google iG before Google iG now
pb-ig-oldgoogle1.png pb-ig-badgoogle1.png

The eMini Blog is born

The eMini Blog is not the English version of Le eMini Blog. Both will continue to live separately and unless real interest, posts will be different. I’ve been doing Le eMini Blog for 18 months now, in French, my native citizenship language and since we moved back to the US few months ago, I believe it makes sense to post in English.

Here is it. voila. 🙂